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B, I'm A Mermaid

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B, I'm A Mermaid

Comes in a 10 gram bag. For the use with Dance Costumes, Glass, Art, Nail, Floristry, Body Art, On skin usage, Hair, Face, Eye area, Nails, Makeup, Fancy Dress Costumes, Flowers, Beards, Cards & much more. The most dazzling diamond reflective glitter on the market!

  • Our cosmetic glitter can be easily applied using a multi-purpose balm for an easy and comfortable application. Apply with your fingertips or a brush and remove using a wet wipe remover
  • They can be sprinkled into glues and fixing gels for use on face, eye area, skin, body, fabrics, clothing (fancy dress, dance costumes), beards, temporary tattoos
  •  Hair, skin, eye area, face body etc - Use alongside your favourite Vaseline or glitter fix glue for a long lasting all night look. To apply it with the makeup brush or your finger and easy to clean.
  • our glitter is 100% child safe, non-toxic, skin safe & certified

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